Swepp Games

Swepp Games was founded on the 1st of September 2019. It was the mindspark of a single guy with a desire to teach himself about mobile app development. Within a few month the spark turned into the fire that Swepp Games was forged in.

Who is Swepp

The name Swepp Games is not chosen out of the blue. Well, sort of. The founder Swen has a very specific favorite color....Blue. The name is just the person who sparked the company together with the thing he loves to do: create apps. And so Swepp was found. 

About me?

My name is Swen. I spent my teenage years with the idea that programming was way to difficult to get into. After a few years of working in a large company doing the same thing, I wanted to broaden my horizon. Friends encouraged me to take the leap into programming. I took the plunge and haven't had any regrets since.

To all the people who have things they dream of doing I just want to say. Try. If you never take the first step you don't get forward. I don't claim it to be easy, or problemfree. But I can honestly say I love spending my time on the things I love, maybe even a little more because I had to work for it.

So to all the people playing games made by Swepp Games.

Thank you for supporting me. And I hope you love playing the games as much as I love making them!



SlimeClimb, the game that sticks. 

Slime Climb is a fun Android arcade climber game in which you are playing with a cool slime character. The slime needs to climb and go up while staying above the rising water. 

SlimeClimb is the first app made by Swepp Games. Feedback about the app is greatly appreciated.